July 2, 2010

John Wood Timeline

Timeline of Quincy Founder John Wood...

• Born December 20, 1798, in Moravia, Cayuga County, New York

• Father was Daniel Wood, Mother was Katherine Krause Wood

• John’s father was a surgeon in the Revolutionary War and could speak several foreign languages fluently and was assigned to George Washington’s headquarters

• One sister named Clarissa

• Headed west November 2, 1818

• Located in Pike Co. IL to farm in 1820

• Purchased 160 acres in Military Tract for $60 from a Mr. Flinn • Came to this area with Willard Keyes and built log cabin in 1822 at foot of Delaware Street

• Married Anna M. Streeter in Quincy, on January 25, 1826

• Eight children: Ann (1827-1905), Daniel (1829-1922), John Jr. (1830-1889), Emily (1833-1835), Adah (1835-1844), Joshua (1837-1910), Henry (1839-1842), James (1842-1850)

• Wood and wife went to Galena, IL during rush to lead mines in 1827• Built Greek Revival home at 12th & State (1835-1838)

• Volunteered for Black Hawk War in 1832 • Mayor of Quincy 1844-1848, 1852-53 and 1856

• Gave land for Woodland Cemetery in 1846 • Wood and sons Daniel & John Jr. went to California in 1849 for gold

• Elected to Illinois State Senate in 1850

• Elected Illinois Lieutenant Governor in 1857

• Started constructing Octagonal House in 1857

• Became Illinois' 12th Governor when William Harrison Bissell died in 1860, Wood finished term

• Governor Richard Yates appointed Wood a delegate from Illinois to Peace Congress to avert secession of Southern states in Feb., 1861

• Served as Quartermaster for IL during Civil War

• Wife Ann died in 1863

• Married Mary Ann Brown Holmes, widow of Rev. Joseph Holmes in 1865

• Octagonal House cost $200,000 to build

• Gave Greek Revival house to son Daniel

• Had to sell Octagonal House because financial reverses due to recession and failed businesses in 1876, moved back to Greek Revival home with son

• Died in Greek Revival home on June 4, 1880 and buried in Woodland Cemetery

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