July 13, 2010

Tour the Mansion and Museum

Tours of The Governor John Wood Mansion and The History Museum are Tuesday through Saturday - April through October - from 10am to 2pm with the last tour at 1:15 p.m.

Other tour times can be made by appointment. Calling the Historical Society office at (217) 222-1835. Office hours are 10am-2pm.

Admission $4.00 adult, $1.50 student per site, site pass $6.00 adult, $3.00 student.

The History Museum

Built in 1885 this historically significant structure served as the minister’s home for the English Lutheran Church, which later became Luther Memorial Church, from 1917 to 1951. The red entrance symbolizes the house’s historical connection with the church, which has red doors. As a museum of the Historical Society, the building now provides an exhibition facility showcasing items from Adams County’s past.

Exhibits in The History Museum are organized by themes and include the Black and White Gallery and rooms highlighting the Civil War, early founders, education and fine arts, industry, agriculture, pharmacies and medicine, steamboats, railroads, circuses, and a major doll collection. One Adams County township is featured annually in a rotating display with items depicting its history and its Centennial Farms. Tours of The History Museum begin in the Visitors Center, which is the next building south.

Your Input is Welcome!

If you have any old photographs that you would like to share on this blog, please send them in, and I'll post them. Any old or interesting photos from Quincy, Adams County, or anything that relates to the history in said area. Old maps, and similar items are welcome. Please email them to me, but please supply the related information. By that I mean the who/what/when/where. At least the when/where. The more old pics, the more interesting your next visit to the blog will be!

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