September 11, 2010

Politsch Receipt Books

Receipt books from Poltisch Hardware, 835-838 South 8th in Quincy, and bank deposit bag for South Side Bank of Quincy.

These receipt books were acquired by Brian Inman...

"I think the year was 2005 and Mr. Politsch, the younger, had offered some items to the Quincy Community Theatre. I went to the old Politsch hardware to meet him and pick up the items. Mr. Politsch rolled up in his wheel chair to the front door of the old hardware store. He opened up the front door and it was like stepping back in time. I don’t know what year the hardware store closed but it looked like one day they just decided to lock the doors. There everything sat, shelves still full with new old merchandise. Old wooden and glass display cases. You could tell that they were very meticulous people.

Anyway, he showed me around and told me some stories. One story in particular about the hardware store being a very busy place for fur trappers and hunters. Folks would bring in their furs and the old man would give them cash on the spot. Here are some of the receipt books from those transactions."

39 skunk furs will net you nearly $86 in 1926.

Muskrat love

Happy New Year 1926.

Ace Power of Lima brought in the most muskrats from 1926-27.

Deposit Bag from the South Side Bank of Quincy.